befall (v.), past forms befallen, befell 2
happen to, come to
1H6 [Charles to Pucelle] More blessed hap did ne'er befall our state
1H6 II.v.115 [Richard to dead Mortimer] peace, no war, befall thy parting soul!
2H6 I.iv.33 [Bolingbroke to Spirit] What shall befall the Duke of Somerset?
3H6 III.i.10 [First Keeper to Second Keeper] I'll tell thee what befell me on a day
3H6 IV.i.76 [Edward to Lady Grey] What danger or what sorrow can befall thee
3H6 IV.iv.3 [Lady Grey to Rivers] What late misfortune is befallen King Edward?
3H6 [Somerset to Oxford, of Richmond] So doth my heart misgive me, in these conflicts, / What may befall him
AC II.ii.46 [Caesar to Antony] You may be pleased to catch at mine intent / By what did here befall me
CE V.i.208 [Adriana to Duke, of Antipholus of Ephesus] So befall my soul / As this is false he burdens me withal
Cym III.v.9 [Lucius to Queen] all joy befal your grace
E3 II.ii.23 [Derby to King Edward] Befall my sovereign all my sovereign's wish!
Luc 1599 [Collatine to Lucrece] What uncouth ill event / Hath thee befallen
MM I.i.58 [Duke to Angelo and Escalus] We ... do look to know / What doth befall you here
MND I.i.63 [Hermia to Theseus] I beseech your grace that I may know / The worst that may befall me in this case / If I refuse to wed Demetrius
R2 I.i.20 [Bolingbroke to King Richard] Many years of happy days befall / My gracious sovereign
R2 II.i.129 [John of Gaunt to King Richard, of Gloucester] Whom fair befall in heaven 'mongst happy souls
R3 I.iii.281 [Queen Margaret to Buckingham] Now fair befall thee and thy noble house!
R3 I.iv.16 [Clarence to Keeper] [we] cited up a thousand heavy times ... / That had befallen us
R3 III.v.46 [Lord Mayor to Richard] Now fair befall you!
TN III.iii.8 [Antonio to Sebastian, of why he has followed him] jealousy what might befall your travel
TN III.iv.328 [Antonio to Viola as Cesario] It grieves me / Much more for what I cannot do for you / Than what befalls myself
TS V.ii.110 [Baptista to Petruchio] Now fair befall thee
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