something (adv.) 2
a little, to some extent
3H6 II.ii.166 [George to Queen, of an axe] the edge hath something hit ourselves
AC IV.viii.20 [Antony to Cleopatra, of his hair] grey / Do something mingle with our younger brown
AC V.ii.252 [Clown to Cleopatra] a very honest woman, but something given to lie, as a woman should not do but in the way of honesty
AW IV.iv.28 [Helena to Diana] You ... yet must suffer / Something in my behalf
H5 V.i.82 [Pistol alone] bawd I'll turn, / And something lean to cutpurse of quick hand
LLL IV.ii.55 [Holofernes to Nathaniel, of his epitaph] I will something affect the letter, for it argues facility
MM I.i.61 [Angelo to Duke] we may bring you something on the way
MV II.ii.15 [Launcelot alone] my father did something smack, something grow to, he had a kind of taste [or: sense 1]
Oth II.iii.193 [Montano to Othello] Your officer, Iago, can inform you, / While I spare speech, which something now offends me, / Of all that I do know
Per [Lysimachus to Marina] you have heard something of my power
Tim IV.iii.56 [Timon to Alcibiades] I do wish thou wert a dog, / That I might love thee something
Tit II.iii.156 [Lavinia to Tamora] O be to me ... something pitiful
TS II.i.183 [Katherina to Petruchio] Well have you heard, but something hard of hearing [or: sense 1]
WT I.ii.147 [Hermione to Polixenes, of Leontes] He something seems unsettled
WT II.ii.25 [Emilia to Paulina, of Hermione] She is something before her time delivered