beshrew, 'shrew (v.) 1
curse, devil take, evil befall
2H4 II.iii.45 [Northumberland to Lady Percy] Beshrew your heart
2H4 V.iii.55 [Shallow to Bardolph] If thou wantest anything and wilt not call, beshrew thy heart
2H6 III.i.184 [Gloucester to all] Beshrew the winners, for they played me false!
3H6 I.iv.150 [Northumberland to all, of York] Beshrew me, but his passions moves me so
CE II.i.49 [Dromio of Ephesus to Adriana, of Antipholus of Syracuse] Beshrew his hand
Cym II.iii.141 [Innogen to Pisanio, of her ring] 'Shrew me, / If I would lose it for a revenue
H5 V.ii.223 [King Henry to Katherine] Now beshrew my father's ambition
H8 II.iii.24 [Old Lady to Anne, of Anne not wanting to be a queen] Beshrew me, I would
Ham II.i.113 [Polonius to Ophelia] beshrew my jealousy
KJ V.iv.49 [Salisbury to Melun] beshrew my soul / But I do love the favour and the form / Of this most fair occasion
KJ V.v.14 [Lewis the Dauphin to Messenger] Ah, foul, shrewd news! Beshrew thy very heart!
MA V.i.55 [Claudio to Leonato, of putting his hand on his sword] Marry, beshrew my hand, / If it should give your age such cause of fear
MND II.ii.60 [Hermia to Lysander] Now much beshrew my manners and my pride / If Hermia meant to say Lysander lied
MND V.i.282 [Hippolyta to Theseus, of Bottom as Pyramus] Beshrew my heart, but I pity the man
MV [Lorenzo to Gratiano and Antonio, of Jessica] Beshrew me but I love her heartily!
MV III.ii.14 [Portia to Bassanio] Beshrew your eyes!
Oth III.iv.146 [Desdemona to Emilia] Beshrew me much, Emilia
Oth IV.ii.127 [Iago to Desdemona, of Othello's behaviour] Beshrew him for't!
Oth IV.iii.77 [Desdemona to Emilia, of making a husband a cuckold] Beshrew me, if I would do such a wrong for the whole world!
R2 III.ii.204 [King Richard to Aumerle] Beshrew thee, cousin, which didst lead me forth / Of that sweet way I was in to despair
RJ II.v.51 [Nurse to Juliet] Beshrew your heart for sending me about / To catch my death with jauncing up and down!
RJ III.v.222 [Nurse to Juliet, of Juliet marrying Paris] Beshrew my very heart, / I think you are happy in this second match
RJ III.v.228 [Nurse to Juliet, responding to ‘Speakest thou from thy heart?’] And from my soul too. Else beshrew them both
Sonn 133.1 [] Beshrew that heart that makes my heart to groan / For that deep wound it gives my friend and me!
TC IV.ii.12 [Troilus to and of Cressida] Beshrew the witch!
TC IV.ii.29 [Cressida to Pandarus] Come, come, beshrew your heart; you'll ne'er be good
TG I.i.124 [Proteus to Speed] Beshrew me, but you have a quick wit
TG II.iv.73 [Duke to Valentine, of the description of Proteu] Beshrew me, sir, but if he make this good, / He is as worthy for an empress' love / As meet to be an emperor's counsellor
TN II.iii.79 [Feste to Sir Toby, of Sir Andrew] Beshrew me, the knight's in admirable fooling.
TN IV.i.57 [Olivia to Sebastian, of Sir Toby] Beshrew his soul for me!
TNK II.i.212 [Arcite to Palamon, of seeing Emilia] Beshrew mine eyes for't!
TNK II.iv.63 [Theseus to Emilia] Sister, beshrew my heart, you have a servant / That, if I were a woman, would be master
WT I.ii.281 [Camillo to Leontes] 'Shrew my heart
WT II.ii.30 [Paulina to Emilia] These dangerous, unsafe lunes i'th' King, beshrew them!