harbinger (n.)
forerunner, herald, precursor
CE III.ii.12 [Luciana to Antipholus of Syracuse] Apparel vice like virtue's harbinger
Ham I.i.122 [Horatio to Marcellus and Barnardo, of ominous events] As harbingers preceding still the fates
Mac I.iv.46 [Macbeth to King] I'll be myself the harbinger and make joyful / The hearing of my wife with your approach
Mac V.vi.10 [Macduff to all, of the trumpets] Those clamorous harbingers of blood and death
MND III.ii.380 [Puck to Oberon] yonder shines Aurora's harbinger
Phoen 5 [of the screech-owl] thou shrieking harbinger
TNK I.i.8 [Boy singing of Primrose] Merry springtime's harbinger