resolve (v.) 4
decide, make up one's mind
2H4 II.iii.67 [Northumberland to Lady Northumberland and Lady Percy] I will resolve for Scotland
3H6 I.i.49 [Warwick to York] Resolve thee, Richard; claim the English crown
H5 III.iii.1 [King Henry to citizens of Harfleur] How yet resolves the Governor of the town?
Mac III.i.137 [Macbeth to Murderers, of killing Banquo] Resolve yourselves apart [i.e. make up your minds]
Tit I.i.281 [Bassianus to Titus, of claiming Lavinia] [I am] resolved withal / To do myself this reason and this right
Tit II.i.105 [Aaron to Demetrius and Chiron] must you resolve / That ... / You must perforce accomplish as you may
WT V.iii.86 [Paulina to Leontes] Either forbear, / Quit presently the chapel, or resolve you / For more amazement