surprise (v.) 2
take prisoner, capture [especially: suddenly, unexpectedly]
1H4 I.i.92 [King Henry to Westmorland, of Hotspur] The prisoners / Which he in this adventure hath surprised / To his own use he keeps
2H6 IV.ix.8 [King to Buckingham] is the traitor Cade surprised?
3H6 IV.ii.25 [Warwick to George, of Edward] I intend but only to surprise him
3H6 IV.iv.9 [Lady Grey to Rivers, of Edward] by his foe surprised at unawares
Tit I.i.287 [Titus to Saturninus] Lavinia is surprised
TN I.iv.25 [Orsino to Viola as Cesario, of Olivia] Surprise her with discourse of my dear faith