bear (v.), past forms bore, borne 7
keep, present, show
1H4 IV.i.20 [Messenger to Hotspur, of Northumberland] His letters bear his mind, not I
1H6 II.iv.13 [Warwick to all] Between two blades, which bears the better temper
2H4 III.ii.229 [Feeble to Bardolph] I'll ne'er bear a base mind
E3 IV.iv.30 [Audley to Prince Edward] Behind us too the hill doth bear his height [i.e. ascend]
LC 19 [of a napkin] often reading what contents it bears
MA I.i.63 [Beatrice to Leonato, of Benedick's wit] let him bear it for a difference between himself and his horse [i.e. as if on a coat-of-arms]