study (v.) 1
deliberate, meditate, reflect [on]
2H6 I.i.88 [Gloucester to all] hath mine uncle Beaufort and myself ... / Studied so long
AC V.ii.10 [Proculeius to Cleopatra] Caesar ... bids thee study on what fair demands / Thou mean'st to have him grant thee
LLL I.i.61 [Berowne to King] to study where I well may dine
LLL V.ii.826 [Berowne to thoughtful Rosaline] Studies my lady?
MM II.iv.7 [Angelo alone] The state, whereon I studied, / Is like a good thing ... / Grown seared and tedious
R2 V.v.1 [Richard alone] I have been studying how I may compare / This prison where I live unto the world
R3 I.ii.257 [Richard to himself] I'll ... entertain a score or two of tailors / To study fashions to adorn my body
Tem II.i.83 [Adrian to Gonzalo, of the latter's reference to 'widow Dido'] You make me study of that
TG III.i.242 [Proteus to Valentine] study help for that which thou lamentest