battle (n.) 1
army, fighting force, battalion
1H4 IV.i.129 [Hotspur to Vernon] What may the King's whole battle reach unto?
1H6 IV.vii.13 [Talbot to Servant, of John Talbot] great rage of heart / Suddenly made him from my side to start / Into the clustering battle of the French
2H4 IV.i.152 [Westmorland to Mowbray] Our battle is more full of names than yours
2H4 IV.i.177 [Westmorland to all] In sight of both our battles we may meet
3H6 I.i.15 [Montague to York, of the Earl of Wiltshire] Whom I encountered as the battles joined
3H6 I.i.8 [York to Warwick, of several lords] [they] Charged our main battle's front
3H6 II.i.120 [Warwick to Edward and Richard, of fighting the Queen] Our battles joined, and both sides fiercely fought
3H6 II.ii.72 [Messenger to all, of the King's enemies] Darraign your battle, for they are at hand
AC III.ix.2 [Antony to Enobarbus] Set we our squadrons on yond side o'th' hill / In eye of Caesar's battle
E3 III.iii.225 [King Edward to all] For the main battles, I will guide myself
E3 IV.iv.33 [Audley to Prince Edward] the battle there / Is governed by the rough Chatillon
E3 V.i.136 [Salisbury to King Edward, of the army surrounding Prince Edward] Here stood a battle of ten thousand horse
E3 V.i.150 [Salisbury to King Edward, of the attack on Prince Edward] The battles join
H5 IV.Chorus.9 [Chorus] Fire answers fire, and through their paly flames / Each battle sees the other's umbered face
H5 IV.ii.52 [Grandpr?š to all, of the English army] Description cannot suit itself in words / To demonstrate the life of such a battle
JC V.i.16 [Antony to Octavius] lead your battle softly on / Upon the left hand of the even field
JC V.i.4 [Octavius to Antony, of the enemy] their battles are at hand
JC V.iii.108 [Brutus to Labeo and Flavius] set our battles on
KJ IV.ii.78 [Salisbury to Pembroke] The colour of the King doth come and go ... / Like heralds 'twixt two dreadful battles set
KL III.ii.23 [Lear to the storm] join / Your high-engendered battles 'gainst a head / So old and white as this [F; Q battel]
Mac [Malcolm to Seyward] Lead our first battle
R3 I.iii.129 [Richard to Queen Elizabeth] Was not your husband / In Margaret's battle at Saint Albans slain?
R3 V.iii.139 [Ghost of Clarence to Richmond] Good angels guard thy battle!
R3 V.iii.300 [King Richard to Norfolk] we will follow / In the main battle