scruple (n.) 2
suspicion, misgiving, doubt
2H4 I.ii.131 [Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice] the wise may make some dram of a scruple
H8 II.i.158 [Second Gentleman to First Gentleman, of people informing King Henry about the Queen] [they have] possessed him with a scruple / That will undo her
H8 II.ii.86 [Wolsey to King Henry, of his action] in committing freely / Your scruple to the voice of Christendom
H8 II.iv.171 [King Henry to all] My conscience first received a tenderness, / Scruple, and prick
Mac IV.iii.116 [Malcolm to Macduff] this noble passion ... hath from my soul / Wiped the black scruples
MM I.i.64 [Duke to Angelo] Nor need you ... have to do / With any scruple
TC IV.i.57 [Diomedes to Paris, of Helen] He merits well to have her, that doth seek her, / Not making any scruple of her soilure