suggestion (n.)
temptation, instigation, prompting towards evil
1H4 IV.iii.51 [Blunt to Hotspur] You shall have ... pardon absolute for yourself, and these / Herein misled by your suggestion
2H4 IV.iv.45 [King Henry IV to Clarence, of his brothers] the united vessel of their blood, / Mingled with venom of suggestion ... / Shall never leak
AW III.v.17 [Mariana to Widow, of Parolles] a filthy officer he is in those suggestions for the young Earl
H8 IV.ii.35 [Katherine to Griffith, of Wolsey] one that by suggestion / Tied all the kingdom [also: making false statements]
KJ III.i.292 [Cardinal Pandulph to King Philip, of maintaining a treaty with England] arm thy constant and thy nobler parts / Against these giddy loose suggestions
KJ IV.ii.166 [Bastard to King John, of Arthur] whom they say is killed tonight / On your suggestion
KL II.i.72 [Edmund to Gloucester, as if Edgar to Edmund] thy suggestion, plot, and damned practice
LLL I.i.156 [Berowne to all] Suggestions are to other as to me
Mac I.iii.133 [Macbeth to himself] why do I yield to that suggestion / Whose horrid image doth unfix my hair
R3 II.ii.100 [Hastings to Pursuivant] Then was I going prisoner to the Tower / By the suggestion of the Queen's allies