betake (v.) 1
go, take oneself off, make one's way
2H6 IV.viii.63 [Cade to himself] only my followers' base and ignominious treasons, makes me betake me to my heels
E3 III.iv.8 [Lorraine to King John, of the Genoese] they betook themselves to flight
LLL I.i.230 [King reading Armado's letter to him] I ... betook myself to walk
Luc 125 [] every one to rest himself betakes
Luc 174 [of Tarquin] honest fear ... / Doth too too oft betake him to retire
Per II.iii.114 [Simonides to Knights] each one betake him to his rest
TNK III.i.82 [Arcite to Palamon] betake you to your hawthorn house
WT III.ii.207 [Paulina to Leontes] betake thee / To nothing but despair