base (adj.) 3
poor, wretched, of low quality
1H4 I.ii.196 [Prince Hal alone] the sun, / Who doth permit the base contagious clouds / To smother up his beauty from the world
1H6 V.iii.113 [Margaret to Suffolk] To be a queen in bondage is more vile / Than is a slave in base servility
2H4 V.v.34 [Pistol to Falstaff] Thy Doll, and Helen of thy noble thoughts, / Is in base durance and contagious prison
2H6 I.ii.62 [Duchess alone] Gloucester bears this base and humble mind
2H6 IV.viii.20 [Cade to his followers, of Clifford] you, base peasants, do ye believe him?
AC V.ii.289 [Cleopatra to Charmian and Iras] I am fire and air; my other elements / I give to baser life
AC V.ii.299 [Cleopatra to Charmian, of Iras' death] This proves me base
AYL II.vii.79 [Jaques to Duke Senior] Or what is he of basest function, / That says his bravery is not on my cost
Cor [Second Conspirator to all, of the Volsces and Coriolanus] their base throats tear / With giving him glory [or: sense 2]
Cym IV.ii.80 [Cloten to Guiderius] Thou villain base [or: sense 1, 2]
E3 II.i.165 [King Edward to Lodowick, of the Countess] Bid her be free and general as the sun, / Who smiles upon the basest weed that grows
H5 I.i.62 [Ely to Canterbury] wholesome berries thrive and ripen best / Neighboured by fruit of baser quality
H5 III.vii.17 [Dauphin to all, of his horse] the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes.
Ham I.v.104 [Hamlet alone, of the Ghost] thy commandment all alone shall live / Within the book and volume of my brain, / Unmixed with baser matter
Ham V.i.199 [Hamlet to Horatio] To what base uses we may return
JC I.iii.110 [Cassius to Casca] What trash is Rome ... when it serves / For the base matter to illuminate / So vile a thing as Caesar!
JC II.i.26 [Brutus alone, of the ambitious climber looking back on his ladder] He ... / Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees / By which he did ascend
KL II.iii.7 [Edgar alone] I ... am bethought / To take the basest and most poorest shape / That ever penury, in contempt of man, / Brought near to beast
KL II.iv.210 [Lear to Regan, of the French King] I could as well be brought / To knee his throne and, squire-like, pension beg / To keep base life afoot
KL II.iv.260 [Lear to Regan] Our basest beggars / Are in the poorest thing superfluous
LLL.I.ii.161 [Armado alone] I do affect the very ground, which is base, where her shoe, which is baser, guided by her foot, which is basest, doth tread [second and third instances]
MA II.i.190 [Benedick to Don Pedro] it is the base, though bitter, disposition of Beatrice that puts the world into her person, and so gives me out [or: sense 2]
MND I.i.232 [Helena alone] Things base and vile, holding no quantity, / Love can transpose to form and dignity
Oth I.iii.270 [Othello to the Duke] Let ... all indign and base adversities / Make head against my estimation!
Oth V.ii.343 [Othello to all, of himself] one whose hand / Like the base Indian threw a pearl away / Richer than all his tribe [or: sense 2]
R2 II.i.23 [York to John of Gaunt, of Italy] Whose manners still our tardy-apish nation / Limps after in base imitation
R2 IV.i.250 [Richard to all] I have .../ Made glory base, and sovereignty a slave
R2.III.iii.181 [King Richard to all] the base-court ... where kings grow base / To come at traitors' calls, and do them grace
Sonn 74.12 [] The coward conquest of a wretch's knife, / Too base of thee to be remembered
Sonn 94.11 [of a summer flower] if that flower with base infection meet, / The basest weed outbraves his dignity
Tim V.i.46 [Timon to himself] What a god's gold, / That he is worshipped in a baser temple / >Than where swine feed!
Tit IV.ii.71 [Aaron to Nurse] is black so base a hue?
Tit V.i.43 [Lucius to all,of Tamora's baby] And here's the base fruit of her burning lust
TNK II.iv.24 [Pirithous to Theseus and Hippolyta, of Arcite] Mark how his virtue, like a hidden sun, / Breaks through his baser garments
Ven 395 [Venus to Adonis, of his horse] He held such petty bondage in disdain, / Throwing the base thong from his bending crest
WT IV.iv.94 [disguised Polixenes to Perdita] we marry / A gentler scion to the wildest stock, / And make conceive a bark of baser kind / By bud of nobler race
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