speed (v.) 1
meet with success, prosper, flourish
3H6 IV.i.58 [George to Edward] you ... leave your brothers to go speed elsewhere
AC II.iii.36 [Antony alone, of Caesar] If we draw lots, he speeds
AW III.vi.62 [Bertram to Parolles, of retrieving his drum] If you speed well in it
AW III.vii.44 [Helena to Widow, of her plot] if it speed, / Is wicked meaning in a lawful deed
JC I.ii.88 [Brutus to Cassius] let the gods so speed me as I love / The name of honour more than I fear death
KL I.ii.19 [Edmund alone] if this letter speed / And my invention thrive
MA V.iii.32 [Claudio to Don Pedro] Hymen now with luckier issue speed's
MW III.iv.12 [Fenton to Anne] heaven so speed me in my time to come! [i.e. may heaven help me]
MW III.v.124 [Falstaff to Ford as Brook] you shall know how I speed
MW III.v.62 [Ford as Brook to Falstaff] And sped you, sir?
Oth IV.i.108 [Iago to Cassio, of a request for help to Desdemona] if this suit lay in Bianca's power, / How quickly should you speed!
PassP XVII.2 [Pilgrim] My rams speed not
R3 IV.iv.358 [Queen Elizabeth to King Richard] An honest tale speeds best being plainly told
TC III.i.139 [Pandarus to Helen and Paris, of those at battle] I long to hear how they sped today
TG IV.iv.104 [disguised Julia alone, of Proteus] I would not have him speed
Tim III.ii.63 [Lucius to Strangers] he that's once denied will hardly speed
Tit I.i.375 [Titus to Martius] Speak thou no more, if all the rest will speed
Tit II.i.101 [Aaron to Demetrius and Chiron, of achieving Lavinia] Would it offend you then / That both should speed?
TS I.ii.244 [Tranio as Lucentio to Gremio and Hortensio, of wooers for Bianca] Lucentio shall make one, / Though Paris came, in hope to speed alone
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