scant (v.) 1
neglect, stint, withhold
AC IV.ii.21 [Antony to the servants] Scant not my cups
H5 II.iv.47 [Dauphin to Constable] a weak and niggardly projection / Doth like a miser spoil his coat with scanting / A little cloth
KL I.i.278 [Gonerill to Cordelia] You have obedience scanted
KL II.iv.135 [Regan to Lear, of Gonerill] You less know how to value her desert / Than she to scant her duty [F; Q slacke]
MV III.ii.112 [Portia to herself] O love, be moderate ... scant this excess
Oth I.iii.264 [Othello to all] heaven defend your good souls that you think / I will your serious and great business scant
Oth IV.iii.90 [Emilia to Desdemona, of husbands] say they strike us, / Or scant our former having in despite
Sonn 117.1 [] Accuse me thus, that I have scanted all