spotted (adj.) 1
stained, blemished
Luc 721 [of Tarquin's soul] To whose weak ruins muster troops of cares / To ask the spotted princess how she fares
MND I.i.110 [Lysander to Thesus, of Helena and Demetrius] she ... dotes in idolatry / Upon this spotted and inconstant man
R2 III.ii.134 [King Richard to Scroop, of his lords] Terrible hell / Make war upon their spotted souls for this
TC V.iii.18 [Cassandra to Hector, of vows to the gods] They are ... more abhorred / Than spotted livers in the sacrifice
Tit II.iii.74 [Bassianus to Tamora, of Aaron] Doth make your honour of his body's hue, / Spotted, detested, and abominable
WT I.ii.328 [Leontes to Camillo, of the purity of his bed] which being spotted / Is goads, thorns