set up one's rest (n.)
[in primero] venture one's final stake, stake all
AW II.i.135 [Helena to King] you set up your rest 'gainst remedy
CE IV.iii.26 [Dromio of Syracuse to Antipholus of Syracuse, of the officer] he that sets up his rest to do more exploits with his mace than a morris-pike [also: be resolved]
KL I.i.123 [Lear to Kent, of Cordelia] I ... thought to set my rest / On her kind nursery [also: depend for repose]
MV II.ii.96 [Launcelot to Gobbo] I have set up my rest to run away [i.e. I have made up my mind]
RJ IV.v.6 [Nurse to Juliet] The County Paris hath set up his rest / That you shall rest but little
RJ V.iii.110 [Romeo to sleeping Juliet] O here / Will I set up my everlasting rest [also: stay]