bethink (v.), past form bethought 1
call to mind, think about, consider, reflect
1H6 V.iii.191 [Suffolk alone, of Margaret] Bethink thee on her virtues that surmount
3H6 I.iv.44 [York to Clifford] bethink thee once again, / And in thy thought o'errun my former time
E3 III.iii.88 [King Edward to King John] Bethink thyself how slack I was at sea
Ham I.iii.90 [Polonius to Ophelia, on the subject of Hamlet] well bethought
KJ III.i.204 [Lewis the Dauphin to King Philip] Bethink you, father, for the difference / Is purchase of a heavy curse from Rome
KL I.ii.157 [Edmund to Edgar, of their father] Bethink yourself wherein you may have / offended him
MM II.ii.144 [Angelo to Isabella] I will bethink me. Come again tomorrow
MM II.ii.87 [Isabella to Angelo] Good, good my lord, bethink you:
MND IV.i.149 [Lysander to Theseus, of what has happened] now do I bethink me, so it is
MV I.i.31 [Salerio to Antonio] Should I go to church / And see the holy edifice of stone / And not bethink me straight of dangerous rocks
MV I.iii.28 [Shylock to Bassanio] that I may be assured, I will bethink me
Per I.ii.83 [Pericles to Helicanus] I ... being here, / Bethought me what was past
R2 II.iii.8 [Northumberland to Bolingbroke] But I bethink me what a weary way / From Ravenspurgh to Cotswold will be found
R3 II.ii.96 [Rivers to Queen Elizabeth] bethink you like a careful mother / Of the young prince, your son
RJ III.i.153 [Benvolio to Prince, of Tybalt] Romeo, that spoke him fair, bid him bethink / How nice the quarrel was
RJ III.v.196 [Capulet to Juliet] Bethink you. I'll not be forsworn
TN V.i.347 [Olivia to Malvolio] now I do bethink me, it was she / First told me thou wast mad
TS induction.2.29 [Lord to Sly, being treated as a lord] O noble lord, bethink thee of thy birth
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