single (adj.) 3
poor, feeble, slight, trivial
2H4 I.ii.185 [Lord Chief Justice to Falstaff] Is not ... your wit single
3H6 V.i.43 [Richard to all, of Warwick] whiles he thought to steal the single ten, / The king was slily fingered from the deck!
Cor II.i.35 [Menenius to Brutus] your helps are many, or else your actions would grow wondrous single [also: solitary]
H8 I.i.15 [Norfolk to Buckingham, of meeting between the Kings of France and England] men might say, / Till this time pomp was single, but now married / To one above itself [also: unmarried]
Mac [Lady Macbeth to King] All our service ... / Were poor and single business to contend / Against those honours deep and broad wherewith / Your majesty loads our house