sort (n.) 3
way, manner
1H6 IV.i.39 [Talbot to all, of Knights of the Garter] He then that is not furnished in this sort
2H4 IV.v.200 [King Henry IV to Prince Henry] what in me was purchased / Falls upon thee in a more fairer sort
3H6 IV.ii.28 [Warwick to all] let's on our way in silent sort
Cor I.iii.2 [Volumnia to Virgilia] express yourself in a more comfortable sort
Cor IV.v.233 [Second Servingman to First Servingman] wars in some sort may be said to be a ravisher
JC I.ii.204 [Caesar to Antony, of Cassius] he ... smiles in such a sort / As if he mocked himself
LLL V.ii.582 [Costard to all] there are Worthies a-coming will speak their mind in some other sort
MM III.ii.26 [Pompey to disguised Duke, of the profession of bawd] Indeed, it does stink in some sort
MV I.ii.98 [Nerissa to Portia, of the lords' decision to leave] unless you may be won by some other sort than your father's imposition
MW I.i.97 [Page to Shallow, of Falstaff] he doth in some sort confess it [i.e. that he has wronged Shallow]
MW II.ii.71 [Mistress Quickly to Falstaff] I defy all angels in any such sort, as they say, but in the way of honesty
Sonn 36.13 [] I love thee in such sort / As, thou being mine, mine is thy good report
Sonn 96.13 [] I love thee in such sort, / As thou being mine, mine is thy good report
TC IV.i.24 [Aeneas to and of Diomedes] No man alive can love in such a sort / The thing he means to kill more excellently
TC V.iv.35 [Thersites alone] in a sort, lechery eats itself
TC V.x.5 [Troilus to all, of Hector's body] at the murderer's horse's tail, / In beastly sort, dragged through the shameful field
Tem II.i.105 [Gonzalo to Alonso] Is not, sir, my doublet as fresh as the first day I wore it? I mean, in a sort [i.e. after a fashion] [pun: 106, sense 4]
Tem IV.i.146 [Prospero to Ferdinand] You do look ... in a moved sort
Tim II.ii.186 [Timon to Flavius] in some sort these wants of mine are crowned, / That I account them blessings
Tim IV.iii.77 [Alcibiades to Timon] I have heard in some sort of thy miseries
TS III.i.65 [Hortensio as Licio to Bianca, of playing the lute] I must begin ... / To teach you gamut in a briefer sort