starve (v.) 1
die, perish
1H4 II.ii.20 [Falstaff as if alone] I'll starve ere I'll rob a foot further
1H6 III.ii.48 [Charles to Burgundy] Your grace may starve, perhaps
2H6 I.i.133 [Gloucester to all, of the Queen] She should have stayed in France, and starved in France!
2H6 I.i.227 [York alone, of pirates' plunder] the silly owner of the goods / Weeps over them ... / Ready to starve
CE II.i.88 [Adriana to Luciana, of her husband] I at home starve for a merry look
Cym I.v.165 [Iachimo to Posthumus] lest the bargain should catch cold and starve
H8 V.iii.132 [King Henry to Cranmer] he had better starve / Than but once think this place becomes thee not