stoop (v.) 1
kneel, submit, bow down
1H6 III.i.171 [King to Richard] Stoop then and set your knee against my foot
2H4 I.Induction.32 [Rumour alone] the King before the Douglas' rage / Stooped his anointed head as low as death
2H4 V.ii.120 [King Henry V to Lord Chief Justice] I will stoop and humble my intents
2H6 IV.viii.47 [Clifford to rebels] Better ten thousand base-born Cades miscarry / Than you should stoop unto a Frenchman's mercy
3H6 I.i.108 [King to York, of Henry V] Who made the Dauphin and the French to stoop
Luc 574 [of Lucrece pleading with Tarquin] She conjures him ... [to] stoop to honour, not to foul desire
MM II.iv.182 [Isabella alone, of Claudio] had he twenty heads ... he'd yield them up, / Before his sister should her body stoop / To such abhorred pollution
R2 III.i.19 [Bolingbroke to Bushy and Green] Myself ... / Have stooped my neck under your injuries