shadow (n.) 1
image, likeness, portrait, semblance
1H6 II.iii.35 [Countess to Talbot] Long time thy shadow hath been thrall to me
1H6 II.iii.45 [Talbot to Countess] you have aught but Talbot's shadow / Whereon to practise your severity
2H4 I.i.193 [Morton to Northumberland] your son had ... / But shadows and the shows of men, to fight
AW V.iii.305 [Helena to King] 'Tis but the shadow of a wife you see [also: spirit]
Luc 1457 [of a painting of Hecuba] On this sad shadow Lucrece spends her eyes
MV II.ix.66 [Arragon reading the portrait's schedule] Some there be that shadows kiss
MV III.ii.127 [Bassanio to all, of Portia's portrait] look how far / The substance of my praise doth wrong this shadow / In underprizing it
R3 IV.iv.83 [Queen Margaret to Queen Elizabeth] I called thee ... poor shadow, painted queen
TG IV.ii.122 [Proteus to Silvia, of her picture] to your shadow will I make true love
TG IV.iv.117 [Silvia to disguised Julia, of giving her picture to Proteus] Julia ... / Would better fit his chamber than this shadow
TG IV.iv.194 [disguised Julia alone, of Silvia's portrait] take this shadow up