strength (n.) 1
troops, forces, resources, followers
1H6 I.i.139 [Third Messenger to all] all France, with their chief assembled strength
1H6 IV.i.73 [King to Talbot, of Burgundy] Then gather strength and march unto him straight
2H6 III.i.380 [York alone] from Ireland come I with my strength
AC II.i.17 [Menas to Pompey] Caesar and Lepidus / Are in the field. A mighty strength they carry
KJ II.i.388 [Bastard to King John and King Philip, of a united attack on Angiers] That done, dissever your united strengths
KL II.i.111 [Cornwall to Gloucester] Make your own purpose / How in my strength you please [i.e. draw on my resources as you wish]