split (v.)
break up, split in two
3H6 V.iv.10 [Queen to all] the ship splits on the rock
E3 III.i.169 [Mariner to King John] the reeling vessels split
JC IV.iii.48 [Brutus to Cassius] You shall disgest the venom of your spleen, / Though it do split you
Per II.Chorus.32 [Gower alone, of Pericles] the ship / Should house him safe is wracked and split
Tem I.i.58 [Mariners off-stage] We split, we split
Tem V.i.223 [Boatswain to all, of their ship] but three glasses since, we gave out split
TN I.ii.9 [Captain to Viola] after our ship did split
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