spleen (n.) 1
temper, spirit, passion [part of the body seen as the source of both gloomy and mirthful emotions]
3H6 II.i.123 [Warwick to Edward and Richard] the coldness of the King ... robbed my soldiers of their heated spleen
Cor IV.v.94 [Coriolanus to Aufidius] I will fight / Against my cankered country with the spleen / Of all the under fiends
E3 III.i.146 [Mariner to King John, of the navies] Both full of angry spleen
MM II.ii.122 [Isabella to Angelo, of the angels] with our spleens, / Would all themselves laugh mortal
MND I.i.146 [Lysander to Hermia, of lightning] That in a spleen unfolds both heaven and earth [or: impulse]
Oth IV.i.88 [Iago to Othello] patience! / Or I shall say you're all in all in spleen / And nothing of a man
PassP VI.6 [] A brook where Adon used to cool his spleen
R3 V.iii.351 [King Richard to his army] Saint George, / Inspire us with the spleen of fiery dragons!
TC II.ii.129 [Troilus to Hector] Jove forbid there should be done amongst us / Such things as might offend the weakest spleen / To fight for and maintain
Tim III.v.114 [Alcibiades alone, of banishment] It is a cause worthy my spleen and fury, / That I may strike at Athens
TS Induction.i.135 [Lord alone, of his men] Haply my presence / May well abate the over-merry spleen