suggest (v.) 1
tempt, prompt, incite
AW IV.v.43 [Lafew to Clown, of his purse] I give thee not this to suggest thee from thy master
E3 II.i.335 [King Edward to Warwick] What office were it to suggest a man / To break a lawful and religious vow?
H5 II.ii.114 [King Henry to Scroop] All other devils that suggest by treasons / Do botch and bungle up damnation
H8 I.i.164 [Buckingham to Norfolk, of Wolsey] this holy fox ... suggests the King our master / To this last costly treaty
LLL V.ii.765 [Berowne to ladies, of any unseemliness in their conduct] Those heavenly eyes ... / Suggested us to make
Luc 37 [of Collatine] Perhaps his boast of Lucrece' sovereignty / Suggested this proud issue of a king [Tarquin]
MW III.iii.203 [Page to Ford, of Ford's suspicion] what devil suggests this imagination?
PassP II.2 [Pilgrim] Two loves I have, of comfort and despair, / That like two spirits do suggest me still
R2 I.i.101 [Bolingbroke to King Richard, of Mowbray] he did plot the Duke of Gloucester's death, / Suggest his soon-believing adversaries
R2 III.iv.75 [Queen Isabel to Gardener] what serpent hath suggested thee / To make a second Fall of cursed man?
Sonn 144.2 [of two loves] Which like two spirits do suggest me still
TG III.i.34 [Duke to Proteus] tender youth is soon suggested
Ven 651 [Venus to Adonis] disturbing Jealousy ... / Gives false alarms, suggesteth mutiny