sway (v.) 1
control, rule, direct, govern
1H6 III.i.37 [Winchester to all, of Gloucester] no one should sway but he
1H6 III.ii.135 [Talbot to Burgundy, of Bedford] A gentler heart did never sway in court
3H6 II.vi.14 [Clifford alone, as if to the King] hadst thou swayed as kings should do
3H6 III.iii.76 [Queen to Lewis] usurpers sway the rule awhile
AYL III.ii.4 [Orlando alone, of Rosalind] Thy huntress' name that my full life doth sway
Cor II.i.196 [Coriolanus to Volumnia, of the patricians] I had rather be their servant in my way / Than sway with them in theirs [i.e. hold sway over them]
JC II.i.20 [Brutus alone, of Caesar] I have not known when his affections swayed / More than his reason
KJ I.i.13 [Chatillon to King John, of the countries ruled by John] lay aside the sword / Which sways usurpingly these several titles
KJ II.i.344 [King Philip to King John, of his rule] That sways the earth this climate overlooks
KL I.ii.50 [Gloucester reading Edgar's supposed letter] the oppression of aged tyranny, who sways not as it hath power but as it is suffered
MA IV.i.199 [Friar to Leonato] let my counsel sway you in this case
MV I.iii.90 [Antonio to Shylock, of Jacob's strategy with the sheep] swayed and fashioned by the hand of heaven
MV IV.i.51 [Shylock to Duke] affection, / Master of passion, sways it to the mood / Of what it likes or loathes
TC V.ii.114 [Cressida to herself] Minds swayed by eyes are full of turpitude
Tim III.vi.111 [Lucullus to Lords, of Timon] He's but a mad lord, and naught but humours sways him
TN IV.i.51 [Olivia to Sebastian] Let thy fair wisdom, not thy passion, sway / In this uncivil and unjust extent / Against thy peace
TN IV.iii.17 [Sebastian alone, of Olivia being mad] yet if 'twere so, / She could not sway her house