subject (n.) 1
subjects, people [of a state]
Ham I.i.72 [Marcellus to Horatio and Barnardo, of the activities in Denmark] nightly toils the subject of the land
Ham I.ii.33 [Claudius to his court, of young Fortinbras' actions relating to the King of Norway] The lists, and full proportions are all made / Out of his subject
MM II.iv.27 [Angelo alone] The general, subject to a well-wished king
MM III.ii.130 [Lucio to disguised Duke] the greater file of the subject held the Duke to be wise
MM V.i.14 [Duke to Angelo] Give me your hand, / and let the subject see
Per II.i.48 [Pericles to himself, of the Fishermen] from the finny subject of the sea / These fishers tell the infirmities of men [Q fenny]
WT I.i.37 [Camillo to Archidamus, of Mamillius] one that indeed physics the subject