strumpet (n.)
harlot, prostitute, whore
1H6 I.v.12 [Talbot to himself, of Pucelle] this high-minded strumpet
1H6 V.iv.84 [Richard to Pucelle] Strumpet, thy words condemn thy brat and thee
AC I.i.13 [Philo to Demetrius, of Antony] you shall see in him / The triple pillar of the world transformed / Into a strumpet's fool
AC V.ii.215 [Cleopatra to Iras] Saucy lictors / Will catch at us like strumpets
AW II.i.171 [Helena to King] A strumpet's boldness
AW V.iii.290 [Diana to King] I am no strumpet
CE IV.iv.122 [Antipholus of Ephesus to Adriana] O most unhappy strumpet!
Cym III.iv.115 [Innogen to Pisanio] I have heard I am a strumpet
E3 III.iii.81 [King Edward to King John] with a strumpet's artificial line / To paint thy vicious and deformed cause
Ham II.ii.235 [Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, of Fortune] She is a strumpet
Ham II.ii.491 [First Player to all] out, thou strumpet Fortune!
KJ III.i.61 [Constance to Arthur] That strumpet fortune
Luc 1471 [Lucrece as if to Hecuba, of Helen] Show me the strumpet that began this stir
MM II.ii.183 [Angelo alone] Never could the strumpet ... / Once stir my temper
MV [Gratiano to Salerio, of a boat] Hugged and embraced by the strumpet wind
Oth IV.i.96 [Iago to himself] 'tis the strumpet's plague / To beguile many and be beguiled by one
Oth IV.ii.79 [Othello to Desdemona] Impudent strumpet!
Oth V.i.122 [Bianca to Emilia] I am no strumpet, but of life as honest / As you that thus abuse me
Oth V.i.34 [Othello as if to Desdemona] Strumpet, I come!
Oth V.i.78 [Iago to Bianca] O notable strumpet!
R3 III.iv.71 [Richard to Hastings] Edward's wife ... / Consorted with that harlot, strumpet Shore
Tit V.ii.189 [Titus to Chiron and Demetrius, of Tamora] that strumpet, your unhallowed dam
WT III.ii.101 [Hermione to Leontes] Myself on every post / Proclaimed a strumpet