straight (adv.)
straightaway, immediately, at once
1H4 I.iii.125 [Hotspur to Northumberland, of King Henry] I will after straight / And tell him
1H4 I.iii.256 [Worcester to Hotspur, of the prisoners] Deliver them up without their ransom straight
1H4 I.iii.78 [King Henry to all, of Hotspur] we at our own charge shall ransom straight / His brother-in-law
1H4 II.iii.74 [Hotspur to Servant, of a horse] Well, I will back him straight
1H4 III.i.220 [Glendower to Mortimer] those musicians that shall play to you / Hang in the air a thousand leagues from hence, / And straight they shall be here
1H4 V.iv.45 [Prince Hal to King Henry] I'll to Clifton straight
1H6 IV.i.73 [King to Talbot, of Burgundy] gather strength and march unto him straight
1H6 IV.iv.40 [Somerset to Lucy] I will dispatch the horsemen straight
1H6 V.iv.47 [Pucelle to all] Because you want the grace that others have, / You judge it straight a thing impossible / To compass wonders but by help of devils
2H4 II.iv.14 [Drawer to Francis, of the guests] The room where they supped is too hot; they'll come in straight
2H4 IV.iv.116 [Warwick to all, of King Henry IV] Stand from him, give him air; he'll straight be well
2H4 V.iii.43 [Davy to Shallow] Your worship! I'll be with you straight
2H6 .IV.i.24 [Second Gentleman to Lieutenant, of a ransom] [I will] write home for it straight
2H6 II.i.137 [Mayor to Attendant] go fetch the beadle hither straight
2H6 III.ii.15 [King to all, of Gloucester] all our uncle to our presence straight
2H6 III.ii.244 [Salisbury to all] Unless Lord Suffolk straight be done to death
3H6 I.ii.70 [Edward to York, of the enemy] issue forth and bid them battle straight
3H6 IV.i.132 [Edward to Pembroke and Stafford] Myself in person will straight follow you
3H6 V.iii.21 [Edward to all, of Tewkesbury] We, having now the best at Barnet field, / Will thither straight
3H6 V.v.2 [Edward to all] Away with Oxford to Hames Castle straight
AC II.ii.173 [Caesar to Antony] [I] do invite you to my sister's view, / Whither straight I'll lead you
AC IV.xii.3 [Antony to Scarus] I'll bring thee word / Straight how 'tis like to go
AW IV.i.18 [First Lord to all] so we seem to know is to know straight our purpose
AYL II.i.69 [First Lord to Duke Senior, of Jaques] I'll bring you to him straight
AYL III.v.136 [Phebe to Silvius, of a letter] I'll write it straight
CE I.i.87 [Egeon to Duke] floating straight, obedient to the stream
CE III.ii.193 [Antipholus of Syracuse alone] If any ship put out, then straight away!
CE IV.i.103 [Antipholus of Ephesus to Dromio of Syracuse] To Adriana, villain, hie thee straight
CE IV.ii.62 [Adriana to Dromio of Syracuse] Go, Dromio, there's the money. Bear it straight
CE IV.iv.138 [Courtesan to Adriana, of Antipholus of Ephesus] Straight after did I meet him with a chain
CE IV.iv.54 [Pinch to Antipholus of Ephesus] And to thy state of darkness hie thee straight
Cor II.ii.114 [Comenius to all, of Coriolanus} His ready sense .../ Requickened what in flesh was fatigate
Cor II.iii.147 [Coriolanus to all, of changing his garments] That I'll straight do
Cor III.i.35 [Coriolanus to Brutus and Sicinius, of the citizens] Must these have voices, that can yield them now / And straight disclaim their tongues?
Cor III.iii.25 [Brutus to Sicinius, of Coriolanus] Put him to choler straight
Cor IV.v.90 [Coriolanus to Aufidius] speed thee straight / And make my misery serve thy turn
E3 I.i.126 [Montague to King Edward, of King David] The treacherous King no sooner was informed / Of your withdrawing of your army back, / But straight ... / He made invasion of the bordering towns
E3 I.i.69 [King Edward to all] No sooner minded to prepare for France, / But straight I am invited
E3 II.ii.202 [King Edward to the Prince of Wales and Audley] straight to sea
E3 III.i.86 [Mariner to King John, of the French ships] They ... / Did break from anchor straig
E3 III.iii.148 [King John to all, of King Edward] He against whom you fight, if he prevail, / Will straight enthrone himself in tyranny
E3 III.iv.118 [King Edward to all] Myself and Derby will to Calais straight
E3 III.iv.7 [Lorraine to King John] The garrison of Genoese ... / No sooner in the forefront took their place / But, straight retiring, so dismayed the rest / As likewise they betook themselves to flight
E3 III.iv.94 [Prince Edward to King Edward] when my weary arms ... / Began to falter, straight I would recover / My gifts you gave me
E3 IV.iv.72 [Herald to Prince Edward, of King John] He straight will fold his bloody colours up
E3 V.i.116 [Salisbury to all, of King John] Commanded straight to cut off all our heads
E3 V.i.76 [Copland to King Edward] Copland, straight upon your highness' charge / Is come to France
H5 II.i.33 [Hostess to all, of keeping lodgers] it will be thought we keep a bawdy-house straight
H5 II.ii.191 [King Henry to all] Let us deliver / Our puissance into the hand of God, / Putting it straight in expedition
H5 IV.ii.13 [Constable to all] To horse, you gallant Princes, straight to horse!
H5 V.chorus.45 [Chorus to audience] Then brook abridgement, and your eyes advance, / After your thoughts, straight back again to France
H8 II.i.151 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of King Henry] He sent command to the Lord Mayor straight / To stop the rumour
H8 III.ii.115 [Norfolk to King Henry, of Wolsey] lays his finger on his temple; straight / Springs out into fast gait
Ham II.ii.429 [Hamlet to Players] We'll have a speech straight.
Ham III.iv.1 [Polonius to Gertrude, of Hamlet] 'A will come straight
Ham IV.iv.31 [Hamlet to Rosencrantz] I'll be with you straight
Ham V.i.4 [Second Clown to First Clown, of Ophelia] make her grave straight
JC III.ii.267 [Antony to Servant, of visiting Octavius at Lepidus' house] thither will I straight to visit him
JC IV.i.42 [Antony to Octavius] we must straight make head
JC IV.iii.112 [Brutus to Cassius, of the latter's anger] shows a hasty spark, / And straight is cold again
JC V.iv.13 [Lucilius to First Soldier] There is so much that thou wilt kill me straight
KJ II.i.149 [Austria to King Philip] King Philip, determine what we shall do straight
KJ IV.iii.22 [Bastard to the lords] The King by me requests your presence straight
KJ V.iii.16 [King John to his servants] To my litter straight
KJ V.vii.79 [Bastard to all] Straight let us seek, or straight we shall be sought
KL I.iii.26 [Gonerill to Oswald] I'll write straight to my sister / To hold my very course
KL II.iv.34 [disguised Kent to Lear, of Regan and Cornwall] They summoned up their meiny, straight took horse
KL [Lear to himself, of Gonerill and Regan] I will arraign them straight
KL V.iii.285 [Lear to Kent, interrupting him] I'll see that straight [i.e. I'll attend to that immediately]
LLL V.ii.277 [Maria to all] my servant straight was mute
Luc 1104 [of Lucrece] No object but her passion's strength renews, / And as one shifts, another straight ensues
Luc 1299 [] What wit sets down is blotted straight with will
Luc 1634 [Tarquin to Lucrece, of a servingman] Unless thou yoke thy liking to my will, / I'll murder straight
Luc 217 [] what fond beggar, but to touch the crown, / Would with the sceptre straight be strucken down?
Mac III.i.139 [Macbeth to Murderers] I'll call upon you straight
Mac [Lennox to Lord, of Macbeth] Did he not straight ... the two delinquents tear
MM I.ii.161 [Claudio to Lucio] the body public be / A horse whereon the governor doth ride, / Who, newly in the seat, that it may know / He can command, lets it straight feel the spur
MM I.iv.85 [Isabella to Lucio, of going to see Angelo] I will about it straight
MM II.ii.1 [Servant to Provost, of Angelo] He's hearing of a cause; he will come straight
MND III.ii.403 [Lysander to Demetrius] I will be with thee straight
MND IV.i.59 [Oberon to Puck, of Titania] I then did ask of her her changeling child, / Which straight she gave me
MV I.i.31 [Salerio to Antonio] Should I go to church / And see the holy edifice of stone / And not bethink me straight of dangerous rocks
MV I.ii.58 [Portia to Nerissa, of Le Bon] If a throstle sing, he falls straight a-capering
MV I.iii.171 [Shylock to Antonio] I will go and purse the ducats straight
MV II.iv.24 [Salerio to Lorenzo, of preparing for a masque] I'll be gone about it straight
MV II.ix.1 [Nerissa to attendants] Quick, quick I pray thee! Draw the curtain straight.
MV II.ix.6 [Portia to Arragon] If you choose that wherein I am contained, / Straight shall our nuptial rites be solemnized
MV [Jessica to Lorenzo] I will make fast the doors, and gild myself / With some more ducats, and be with you straight
MW I.i.109 [Falstaff to Shallow, of his question] I will answer it straight
MW IV.ii.78 [Mistress Page to Falstaff] We'll come dress you straight
MW IV.ii.95 [Mistress Ford to Mistress Page, of Falstaff] I'll bring linen for him straight
MW IV.iv.73 [Page to all] Go, send to Falstaff straight
MW [Fenton to Host, of Caius marrying Anne] [he will] at the deanery, where a priest attends, / Straight marry her
Oth I.i.138 [Roderigo to Brabantio] Straight satisfy yourself
Oth I.iii.48 [Duke to Othello] we must straight employ you / Against the general enemy Ottoman
Oth III.iii.87 [Othello to Desdemona] I'll come to thee straight
Oth IV.i.57 [Iago to Cassio, of Othello] He will recover straight
Oth V.i.1 [Iago to Roderigo, of Cassio] stand behind this bulk: straight will he come.
Oth V.ii.28 [Othello to Desdemona] If you bethink yourself of any crime / Unreconciled as yet to heaven and grace, / Solicit for it straight
Oth V.ii.366 [Lodovico to all] Myself will straight aboard
Per III.i.24 [Pericles to the gods] Why do you make us love your goodly gifts / And snatch them straight away?
Per III.i.53 [First Sailor to Pericles, of Thaisa] she must overboard straight
Per III.ii.52 [Cerimon to servants, of a coffin] Wrench it open straight
R2 II.i.215 [King Richard to Bushy] Go, Bushy, to the Earl of Wiltshire straight
R2 II.ii.134 [Green to Bushy and Bagot] I will for refuge straight to Bristol Castle
R2 IV.i.264 [King Richard to all] if my word be sterling yet in England / Let it command a mirror hither straight
R2 V.iii.138 [King Henry to York] Destruction straight shall dog them at the heels
R2 V.v.38 [King Richard alone] [I] Think that I am unkinged by Bolingbroke, / And straight am nothing
R3 I.iii.353 [Richard to Murderers] I like you, lads; about your business straight
R3 II.i.126 [King Edward to all] You straight are on your knees for pardon
R3 II.ii.142 [Richard to all] go we to determine / Who they shall be that straight shall post to Ludlow
R3 II.ii.97 [Rivers to Queen Elizabeth, of her son] Send straight for him
R3 III.iv.53 [Hastings to Derby, of Richard] by his face straight shall you know his heart
R3 III.vii.69 [Catesby to Buckingham, of the Lord Mayor's message to Richard] I'll signify so much unto him straight
R3 IV.i.31 [Derby to Anne]you must straight to Westminster
R3 IV.ii.53 [King Richard to Catesby] Inquire me out some mean poor gentleman, / Whom I will marry straight to Clarence' daughter
R3 IV.ii.81 [Tyrrel to King Richard, of the princes' deaths] I will dispatch it straight
R3 IV.iv.449 [King Richard to Catesby, of Norfolk] bid him levy straight / The greatest strength and power that he can make
RJ I.iii.104 [Servant to Lady Capulet] I beseech you follow straight
RJ I.iv.72 [Mercutio to all, of Queen Mab affecting courtiers] that dream on curtsies straight
RJ II.v.71 [Nurse to Juliet, of Juliet's cheeks] They'll be in scarlet straight at any news
RJ IV.iv.22 [Capulet to all] The County will be here with music straight
RJ V.i.33 [Romeo to Balthasar] hire those horses. I'll be with thee straight
RJ V.i.79 [Apothecary to Romeo, of a poison] if you had the strength / Of twenty men it would dispatch you straight
RJ V.ii.21 [Friar Laurence to Friar John] Get me an iron crow and bring it straight
Sonn 100.5 [] Return, forgetful Muse, and straight redeem / In gentle numbers time so idly spent
Sonn 129.5 [of lust] Enjoyed no sooner but despised straight
Sonn 145.5 [of his love] But when she saw my woeful state, / Straight in her heart did mercy come
Sonn 45.14 [of his friend's greetings] I joy, but then no longer glad, / I send them back again and straight grow sad
Sonn 89.3 []Speak of my lameness, and I straight will halt
TC I.iii.389 [Nestor to Ulysses, of Agamemnon] Go we to him straight
TC III.ii.15 [Pandarus to Troilus, of Cressida] Walk here i'th' orchard; I'll bring her straight
TC III.iii.305 [Achilles to Thersites, of Ajax] thou shalt bear a letter to him straight
TC IV.iv.143 [Deiphobus to all] Let us make ready straight
TC V.ii.104 [Cressida to Diomedes] one cannot speak a word / But it straight starts you
Tim II.i.9 [Senator alone] give my horse to Timon, / Ask nothing, give it him, it foals me straight
Tit I.i.130 [Lucius to all] make a fire straight
Tit II.iii.104 [Tamora to Chiron and Demetrius, of fearful noise] any mortal body hearing it / Should straight fall mad, or else die suddenly
Tit II.iii.193 [Aaron to all] Straight will I bring you to the loathsome pit
Tit IV.iii.3 [Titus to Young Lucius, of his archery] Look ye draw home enough, and 'tis there straight
TN IV.i.29 [Feste to himself, of the fight between Sir Toby and Sebastian] This will I tell my lady straight
TNK IV.i.95 [Wooer to all, of the Gaoler's Daughter] She saw me, and straight sought the flood
TNK V.ii.99 [Gaoler to Messenger] I'll away straight
TS Induction.1.50 [Lord to Huntsmen, of Sly] if he chance to speak, be ready straight
TS Induction.2.48 [Second Servingman to Sly] Dost thou love pictures? We will fetch thee straight / Adonis painted by a running brook
TS IV.i.153 [Petruchio to Servants] What, do you grumble? I'll be with you straight
TS IV.iii.147 [Grumio to Tailor] I am for thee straight
TS IV.iii.180 [Petruchio to Grumio, of Baptista] Go call my men, and let us straight to him
TS IV.iv.63 [Baptista to Lucentio as Cambio] bid Bianca make her ready straight
TS V.ii.104 [Petruchio to Katherina, of Bianca and Widow] Away, I say, and bring them hither straight
Ven 1091 []Then would Adonis weep; / And straight, in pity of his tender years, / They both would strive who first should dry his tears
Ven 264 [of another horse] The strong-necked steed ... / Breaketh his rein and to her straight goes he
WT II.i.70 [Leontes to Lords, of Hermione] Praise her but for this her without-door form ... and straight / The shrug
WT II.iii.134 [Leontes to Antigonus, of the baby] Take it up straight!
WT II.iii.14 [Leontes to all, of Mamillius] Conceiving the dishonour of his mother, / He straight declined
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