sometime (adv.) 2
sometimes, now and then
2H6 II.iv.42 [Duchess to Gloucester] Sometime I'll say I am Duke Humphrey's wife
2H6 III.ii.374 [Vaux to Queen, of the Cardinal] sometime he calls the King
3H6 II.ii.30 [Clifford to King, of birds' wings] Which sometime they have used with fearful flight
3H6 II.v.9 [King alone] Sometime the flood prevails, and then the wind
AC IV.xiv.2 [Antony to Eros] Sometime we see a cloud that's dragonish
JC II.i.251 [Portia to Brutus, of his impatience] Hoping it was but an effect of humour, / Which sometime hath his hour with every man
KL II.iii.19 [Edgar alone, of beggars] sometime with prayers, / Enforce their charity
KL IV.iii.39 [disguised Kent to Gentleman, of Lear] sometime in his better tune remembers / What we are come about
LLL V.i.97 [Armado to Holofernes, of the King] sometime to lean upon my poor shoulder
Luc 1786 [of Collatine] Yet sometime ‘Tarquin’ was pronounced plain, / But through his teeth
Luc 331 [Tarquin to himself, of obstacles] Like little frosts that sometime threat the spring
Luc 95 [of Tarquin] nothing in him seemed inordinate / Save sometime too much wonder of his eye
MA I.i.265 [Benedick to Don Pedro] The body of your discourse is sometime guarded with fragments
MM V.i.291 [disguised Duke to Escalus] let the devil / Be sometime honoured for his burning throne
MND III.i.102 [Puck as if to Rustics] Sometime a horse I'll be, sometime a hound
MND III.ii.362 [Oberon to Puck] sometime rail thou like Demetrius
MW I.i.254 [Slender to himself, of Shallow] A justice of peace sometime may be beholding to his friend for a man
Sonn 102.13 [] I sometime hold my tongue
Sonn 18.5 [] Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines
Sonn 41.2 []When I am sometime absent from thy heart
Sonn 75.9 [] Sometime all full with feasting on your sight
TC I.iii.152 [Ulysses to Agamemnon, of Patroclus] Sometime ... / Thy topless deputation he puts on
Tim II.ii.112 [Fool to Varro's Servant, of a whoremaster] Sometime 't appears like a lord, sometime like a lawyer, sometime like a philosopher
Tit III.i.211 [Titus to Lavinia, of obscuring the sun with their sighs] as sometime clouds / When they do hug him in their melting bosoms
TNK II.i.40 [Gaoler's Daughter to Gaoler, of Palamon and Arcite] sometime a divided sigh ... will break from one of them
Ven 223 [of Venus] Sometime she shakes her head
Ven 277 [of Adonis' horse] Sometime he trots
Ven 658 [Venus to Adonis, of jealousy] That sometime true news, sometime false doth bring