spurn against / at (v.)
kick out at, treat with contempt
2H4 V.ii.89 [Lord Chief Justice to King Henry V] to spurn at your most royal image
CE II.ii.143 [Adriana to Antipholus of Syracuse] Wouldst thou not spit at me, and spurn at me
E3 I.i.50 [King Edward to Artois, of the French] That spurn against my sovereignty in France
Ham IV.v.6 [Gentleman to Gertrude, of Ophelia] she ... / Spurns enviously at straws [i.e. take offence at trifles]
JC II.i.11 [Brutus alone, of Caesar] I know no personal cause to spurn at him
Luc 1026 [Lucrece to herself] In vain I spurn at my confirmed despite
Luc 880 [Lucrece as if to opportunity] 'Tis thou that spurn'st at right, at law, at reason
Ven 311 [of the jennet and Adonis' horse] She ... / Spurns at his love