sore (adj.) 1
severe, harsh, heavy
Cym [Innogen alone] To lapse in fulness / Is sorer than to lie for need
Ham I.i.75 [Marcellus to Horatio and Barnardo] shipwrights, whose sore task / Does not divide the Sunday from the week
Ham V.i.169 [First Clown to Hamlet] water is a sore decayer of your whoreson dead body
Ham V.ii.223 [Hamlet to Laertes] I am punished with a sore distraction
KL III.v.21 [Edmund to Cornwall] I will persever in my course of loyalty, though the conflict be sore between that and my blood
Per IV.ii.32 [Pander to Bawd] the sore terms we stand upon with the gods
R3 I.iv.42 [Keeper to Clarence, of Clarence's nightmare] Awaked you not in this sore agony?
Tem III.i.11 [Ferdinand alone, of having to carry out his task] Upon a sore injunction