softly (adv.)
slowly, gently
AYL III.ii.317 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando, of the thief going to the gallows] though he go as softly as foot can fall
Ham IV.iv.8 [Fortinbras to Captain] Go softly on [Q2; F safely]
JC V.i.16 [Antony to Octavius] lead your battle softly on / Upon the left hand of the even field
Luc 176 [of Tarquin] His falchion on a flint he softly smiteth [or: silently]
Per IV.i.49 [Dionyza to Marina] Pray walk softly
TN II.v.118 [Malvolio to himself, of initials in the letter] If I could make that resemble something in me. . . . Softly, ‘M.O.A.I.’
TS I.ii.235 [Tranio as Lucentio to Gremio and Hortensio] Softly, my masters!
WT IV.iii.110 [Autolycus to Clown] I will ... pace softly towards my kinsman's
WT IV.iii.71 [Autolycus to Clown] O, good sir, softly, good sir!