smite (v.), past forms smote, smit 1
strike, hit (often, with great force)
AC V.ii.171 [Cleopatra to Caesar, of Seleucus' betrayal] It smites me / Beneath the fall I have
Cor III.i.317 [Sicinius to Menenius] Our Aediles smote?
Ham I.i.63 [Horatio to Marcellus, of King Hamlet] in an angry parle, / He smote the sledded poleaxe on the ice
LLL IV.iii.26 [King reading, of the Princess's eyes] when their fresh rays have smote / The night of dew that on my cheeks down flows
MW III.i.114 [Evans to Caius, of the Host] I will smite his noddles
Tem IV.i.172 [Ariel to Prospero, of Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban] So full of valour that they smote the air / For breathing in their faces