shame (v.)
be ashamed, be embarrassed
3H6 I.i.231 [Queen to King] I shame to hear thee speak
AYL IV.iii.136 [Oliver to Celia as Aliena] I do not shame / To tell you what I was
Ham III.ii.154 [Hamlet to Ophelia, of the Fourth Player] he'll not shame to tell you what it means
Luc 1084 []cloudy Lucrece shames herself to see
Luc 1143 [Lucrece as if to the nightingale] thou sing'st not in the day, / As shaming any eye should thee behold
Mac II.ii.64 [Lady Macbeth to Macbeth] My hands are of your colour; but I shame / To wear a heart so white
TNK I.ii.6 [Arcite to Palamon] And here to keep in abstinence we shame / As in incontinence [i.e. as shameful to abstain from evil as to commit it]