sadly (adv.) 1
seriously, gravely, solemnly
2H4 V.ii.125 [King Henry V to his brothers, of King Henry IV] with his spirits sadly I survive / To mock the expectation of the world
Ham II.ii.168 [Gertrude to Claudius and Polonius, of Hamlet] But look where sadly the poor wretch comes reading
MA II.iii.216 [Benedick alone] The conference was sadly borne
Oth II.i.32 [Third Gentleman to all, of Cassio] though he speak of comfort / Touching the Turkish loss, yet he looks sadly
R3 V.iii.288 [King Richard to Ratcliffe, of Richmond] the selfsame heaven / That frowns on me looks sadly upon him
RJ I.i.201 [Benvolio to Romeo, of his love] But sadly tell me who