shift (n.) 3
stratagem, contriving, trick
CE III.ii.190 [Antipholus of Syracuse alone] I see a man here needs not live by shifts
E3 I.i.76 [King Edward to Lorraine, of the King of France] His lame unpolished shifts are come to light
Luc 920 [Lucrece as if to opportunity] Guilty of treason, forgery, and shift
Mac II.iii.38 [Porter to Macduff, of drink] I requited him for his lie and ... I made a shift to cast him
Tit IV.ii.175 [Aaron to the baby] it is you that puts us to our shifts
TS Induction.i.124 [Lord to Servingman, of the Page having to weep] An onion will do well for such a shift