quick (adj.) 1
living, vital, full of life
1H6 V.iii.8 [Pucelle alone, of the arrival of the spirits] This speedy and quick appearance argues proof / Of your accustomed diligence to me
AW V.iii.301 [Diana to King] one that's dead is quick [also: sense 10]
H5 II.ii.79 [King Henry to traitors] The mercy that was quick in us but late / By your own counsel is suppressed and killed
LLL I.ii.28 [Mote to Armado] an eel is quick
MND I.i.149 [Lysander to Hermia] So quick bright things come to confusion [adverb reading also possible]
MW III.iv.84 [Anne to Mistress Page, of marrying Caius] I had rather be set quick i'th' earth, / And bowled to death with turnips [i.e. buried up to my neck]
Sonn 113.7 [] Of his quick objects hath the mind no part
Sonn 45.5 [of thought and desire] when these quicker elements are gone / In tender embassy of love to thee