question (n.) 4
debating, discussion, investigation
1H4 I.i.34 [Westmorland to King Henry, of the expedition] this haste was hot in question
H5 I.i.5 [Canterbury to Ely, of a bill] the scambling and unquiet time / Did push it out of farther question
H5 III.ii.115 [Jamy to Fluellen and Macmorris] I wad full fain hear some question 'tween you tway
KL V.iii.34 [Edmund to Captain] thy great employment / Will not bear question
MV IV.i.73 [Antonio to Bassanio, of arguing with Shylock] You may as well use question with the wolf / Why he hath made the ewe bleat for the lamb
Sonn 12.9 []of thy beauty do I question make
TC IV.i.12 [Aeneas to Diomedes] During all question of the gentle truce