bancrout, bankrout, bankerout (n./adj./v.)
LLL I.i.27 [Longaville to King, of devoting himself to study] dainty bits / Make rich the ribs but bankrupt quite the wits [F bankerout; Q1 bancrout]
Luc 140 [] the profit of excess / Is but to surfeit, and such griefs sustain / That they prove bankrupt in this poor-rich gain
Luc 711 [] Feeble Desire, all recreant ... / Like to a bankrupt beggar wails his case [Q1 bankrout]
MV IV.i.122 [Shylock to Bassanio, of Antonio, and why he is whetting his knife] To cut the forfeiture from that bankrout there!
R2 II.i.151 [York to all] Be York the next that must be bankrout so!
R2 II.i.257 [Willoughby to Ross and Northumberland] The King's grown bankrout like a broken man
RJ III.ii.57 [Juliet to her heart] Poor bankrupt, break at once!
Sonn 67.9 [of his friend] Why should he live, now Nature bankrout is
Ven 466 [] A smile recures the wounding of a frown. / But blessed bankrupt, that by loss so thriveth [Q1 bankrout]