peevish (adj.) 2
obstinate, perverse, self-willed [contrast modern sense of ‘irritable, morose’]
AW I.i.142 [Parolles to Helena] virginity is peevish
E3 II.i.23 [Lodowick alone, of King Edward's infatuation] I fear 'twill prove / A ling'ring English siege of peevish love
Ham I.ii.100 [Claudius to Hamlet, of his father's death] Why should we in our peevish opposition / Take it to heart?
KJ II.i.402 [Bastard to King Philip, of Angiers] Being wronged as we are by this peevish town
Per [Boult to Marina] your peevish chastity
R3 III.i.31 [Buckingham to Hastings, of Queen Elizabeth] what an indirect and peevish course / Is this of hers!
RJ IV.ii.14 [Capulet to Nurse, of Juliet] A peevish self-willed harlotry it is
TG III.i.68 [Duke to Valentine, of Silvia] she is peevish, sullen, froward
TG V.ii.49 [Thurio to all, of Silvia] this it is to be a peevish girl