pleasant (adj.) 1
facetious, joking, droll
H5 I.ii.260 [King Henry to Ambassador] We are glad the Dauphin is so pleasant with us
H5 I.ii.282 [King Henry to Ambassador] tell the pleasant Prince this mock of his / Hath turned his balls to gun-stones
H8 II.iii.93 [Anne to Old Lady] Come, you are pleasant
MA I.i.34 [Messenger to Beatrice, of Benedick] he's ... as pleasant as ever he was
MM III.ii.107 [disguised Duke to Lucio] You are pleasant
TC III.i.61 [Pandarus to Helen] you are pleasant with me
TS III.i.56 [Bianca to Hortensio as Licio, of him and Lucentio as Cambio] take it not unkindly, pray, / That I have been thus pleasant with you both
TS IV.v.72 [Vincentio to Petruchio, of his companions] Like pleasant travellers, to break a jest / Upon the company you overtake