pitch (n.) 1
height [to which a bird of prey soars before swooping]
1H6 II.iv.11 [Warwick to all] Between two hawks, which flies the higher pitch
2H6 II.i.6 [King to Gloucester, of Gloucester's falcon] what a pitch she flew above the rest!
E3 II.i.87 [King Edward to Lodowick] every ornament that thou wouldst praise, / Fly it a pitch above the soar of praise
H8 II.ii.48 [Norfolk to Suffolk, of Wolsey] All men's honours / Lie like one lump before him, to be fashioned / Into what pitch he please [unclear meaning]
JC I.i.73 [Flavius to Marullus] These growing feathers plucked from Caesar's wing / Will make him fly an ordinary pitch
R2 I.i.109 [King Richard to all, of Bolingbroke] How high a pitch his resolution soars!
RJ I.iv.21 [Romeo to Mercutio] I am ... so bound / I cannot bound a pitch above dull woe
Sonn 7.9 [of the sun] from high-most pitch with weary car, / Like feeble age he reeleth from the day
Sonn 86.6 [of his rival] by spirits taught to write / Above a mortal pitch
Tit II.i.14 [Aaron alone, of Tamora] mount aloft with thy imperial mistress, / And mount her pitch