point (n.) 2
(usually plural) tagged lace [especially for attaching hose to the doublet]
1H4 II.iv.210 [Falstaff to all, of the robbers] Their points being broken [punned: 211, sense 2]
2H4 I.i.53 [Lord Bardolph to Northumberland] for a silken point / I'll give my barony
2H4 II.iv.128 [Doll to Pistol] with two points on your shoulder? [i.e. for fixing armour]
AC III.xiii.157 [Antony to Cleopatra] To flatter Caesar, would you mingle eyes / With one that ties his points?
TN I.v.21 [Feste to Maria] I am resolved on two points [i.e. matters; but punned in next line with this sense]
TS III.ii.48 [Biondello to Tranio as Lucentio, of Petruchio's clothes] with two broken points
WT IV.iv.207 [Servant to Clown, of Autolycus] He hath ... points more than all the lawyers in Bohemia can learnedly handle [pun: legal points]