pleasure (n.) 1
wish, desire, will
2H6 I.ii.56 [Messenger to Gloucester] 'tis his highness' pleasure / You do prepare to ride unto Saint Albans
2H6 I.iii.119 [Gloucester to Queen, of the King] I ... at his pleasure will resign my place
2H6 IV.i.142 [Lieutenant to all, of the prisoners] It is our pleasure one of them depart
3H6 III.ii.20 [Lady Grey to Edward] what your pleasure is shall satisfy me
JC IV.iii.247 [Varro to Brutus] we will stand and watch your pleasure
Tim II.i.14 [Caphis to Senator] What is your pleasure?
Tim III.i.33 [Flaminius to Lucullus, on being complimented] Your lordship speaks your pleasure [i.e. it is good of you to say so]
TS I.i.208 [Tranio to Lucentio, of taking on his identity] sith it your pleasure is
TS I.i.81 [Bianca to Baptista] to your pleasure humbly I subscribe