pawn (n.)
pledge, surety, forfeit
KJ V.ii.141 [Bastard to Lewis the Dauphin, of French reaction to English power] To lie like pawns locked up in chests and trunks
KL I.i.155 [Kent to Lear] My life I never held but as a pawn / To wage against thine enemies
MW II.ii.6 [Falstaff to Pistol] I have been content ... you should lay my countenance to pawn [i.e. use my patronage to borrow money]
MW III.i.101 [Host to all, of Caius and Evans] lay their swords to pawn
TG I.iii.47 [Proteus to himself, of Julia's letter] Here is ... her honour's pawn
TG II.iv.89 [Silvia to Valentine, of Julia holding Proteus' eyes prisoner] she hath enfranchised them / Upon some other pawn for fealty
WT IV.iv.802 [Shepherd to Autolycus, of the Clown and gold] I'll ... leave this young man in pawn till I bring it you