pin (n.) 1
trifle, triviality, insignificant amount
MM II.i.93 [Pompey to Escalus, of the dish being unimportant] No, indeed, sir, not of a pin
MM III.i.109 [Isabella to Claudio, of her life] I'd throw it down for your deliverance / As frankly as a pin
MW I.i.108 [Shallow to Falstaff] Tut, a pin!
TC V.ii.23 [Diomedes to Cressida, responding to her 'I'll tell you what'] come, tell a pin! [i.e. don't trifle with me]
TG I.i.108 [Speed to Proteus] From a pound to a pin?
TG II.vii.55 [Lucetta to Julia] A round hose ... now's not worth a pin