prevent (v.) 2
take steps to thwart, avoid by prompt action
1H4 IV.iv.35 [Archbishop to Sir Michael] to prevent the worst, Sir Michael, speed
JC II.i.28 [Brutus alone, of Caesar becoming too ambitious] Then, lest he may, prevent
KL I.i.45 [Lear to Cornwall and Albany, of his arrangements] that future strife / May be prevented now
MW II.i.110 [Pistol to Ford] Prevent
R2 III.ii.179 [Bishop of Carlisle to King Richard] wise men ... presently prevent the ways to wail
Sonn 100.14 [] Give my love fame faster than Time wastes life; / So thou prevent'st his scythe and crooked knife
TG II.vii.40 [Julia to Lucetta] I would prevent / The loose encounters of lascivious men
TS V.ii.49 [Petruchio to all, of Bianca] She hath prevented me